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Texas Statewide Manufactured Homes Transportation Company

HouseShipping.com relies on decades of real world experience in manufactured homes modular homes and trailer house shipping, from Corpus Christi , Laredo or anywhere in South Texas to Houston , Dallas and  The Panhandle we transport manufactured homes , modular homes , single wides and double wides. We can tear down and deliver , block ,set, level and tie down to Texas state code from location to location. Our trucks have specialized hitches that allow greater flexibility and maneuverability.  

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We strive to provide the lowest prices on manufactured homes transporting and setup. Please feel free to call us directly at 210-887-2760 to receive an estimate on how much it costs to move a double wide mobile home or a singlewide mobile. We provide oilfield transportation services to help you relocate your man camp trailer houses and modular buildings. We buy and sell oilfield houses, man camps trailer houses, rig shacks and more. Call to see what we have at 210-887-2760 TODAY

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  • May I install my own home?No. Only a licensed installer may install, relevel, or modify any component of the manufactured home’s foundation.
  • I want to move my mobile home, What should I do?
  • First, the person or company that moves the home must contact the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) (http://www.txdot.state.tx.us) to obtain any required permit, a copy of which must be submitted with your application for a new SOL. Next, you will need to apply for a new SOL, showing the new location. Also, any lien holders will need to be discharged (paid off) or give their written consent to the move.
  • Is the moving permit required on applications where the home was moved in the past?If an SOL applicant had the home moved when they bought the home, we must have a copy of the moving permit. If the move took place too long ago or if the home was moved without a permit, the applicant could, in lieu of a moving permit, provide a “Tax Certificate” issued by the county where the home used to be installed showing no taxes due. If taxes are due, they will have to be paid.If a consumer purchases a home from a licensed retailer and finds that the retailer moved the home without a permit or that there are taxes owed on the home at its previous location, the consumer may file a complaint with the Department within two years from the date of purchase. If so, the Consumer Protection staff may be able to force the retailer to pay the taxes owed or file against their bond.
  • call for more answers to common questions 210-887-2760 Texas mobile Home Transport Services.

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